1. Virus or no virus, run a profitable dairy farm

    Our livestock expert explains how you can maximise profits from three dairy farming systems

  2. Why I grow my moringa inside a greenhouse

    Nelson Njuguna grows 500 plants in controlled conditions for a good harvest, and value addition enables him to earn more

  3. A toast for milk as world expected to mark day on June 1

    Camel milk is essentially the key source of nutrition for people in Northeastern Kenya and for thousands of refugees.

  4. Curbing Covid-19 spread at food processing plants

    Subject raw materials to processes that help eliminate the threat. In case of milk, pasteurise the produce before chilling

  5. Three steps to curb spider mites in greenhouse roses 

    Once spider mite population is reduced to zero, growers no longer need to be so sensitive about the predatory mite population.

  6. Agronomist notebook: Get it right on farm labour

    Prepare a weekly plan for all activities taking place to know the kind of workers you will need.

  7. Young man rewrites slum story, an arrowroot at a time 

    He started arrowroot farming in November 2018 after visiting a friend’s farm in Mwea.

  8. Vet on call: Please don’t ignore this warning cry from dogs

    There is an upsurge of cases of man’s best friend suffering from aflatoxin poisoning, which points to a bigger problem

  9. Versatile tamarind will give you food, timber and medicine

    This tree provides firewood, charcoal, timber, poles and posts. Its wood can be easily carved into furniture, utensils, and boats.

  10. Show me a cow and I’ll make for it milking jelly, salt lick

    Daniel King’ori, who studied electrical engineering, is carving a niche for his start-up by processing unique plant-based products

  11. Don’t rush to adopt animal production technologies, farmers told

    The exploitation of billions of animals on factory farms not only causes mass suffering of animals but also exposes humans to diseases.