1. MATHIU: Quickest way out of virus grip is to test, test, test, treat and prevent

    In this crisis, there are some irreducible minimums: We must fight for every life with everything we have.

  2. KISERO: Pulling out government ads is killing private media; rescind it

    This pandemic should shock the government from its slumber and cause decision-makers to rethink.

  3. RUGENE: Don’t allow coronavirus safety measures to give abusers cover

    For anyone who feels at risk of abuse, try and get away and seek help. You are not alone.

  4. ONYANGO-OBBO: Forget Covid-19; think about camels and cannabis right now

    A coronavirus-fuelled blow-up of cannabis could create unstoppable demand for legalisation.

  5. ONEYA: Why so much apathy for police killings in Kenya?

    Like any other “hotbed of terror”, Kenya is no stranger to unlawful killings by policemen.

  6. A president and five deputies but South Sudan still cries for leadership

    Political leaders in the country have chosen to be each other’s detractor instead of compromising for the good of the country.

  7. Bad politics is slowly inciting the public

    Our politicians have failed to always argue their way out of a challenge, instead choosing to engage in intolerant behaviour that seep through to the general public.

  8. Where are the Google Internet balloons?

    The president's announcement accurately foresaw most activities moving online, but the promise hasn't been delivered.

  9. MWITI: Mental strain from coronavirus might weaken national cohesion

    Stress that is not addressed can lead to depression or brew aggression and violence.

  10. CHEGE: Take care of your mental health as you fight impact of Covid-19

    With job losses, reduced incomes and stifled movements and anxiety, increased stress levels are likely to become common.

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